6 Tips To Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic

By now you have seen and heard just about everything about COVID-19 aka the Corona Virus, but that is okay; I’m still talking about it because it is serious. This post will provide you with tips that will guide you through surviving the COVID-19 pandemic.

A 3D image of the Covid-19 virus – Photo by Fusion Medical Animation on Unsplash

The world is in a health crisis and taking a nose-dive into an economic dilemma. Businesses big and small are all experiencing the negative impact that COVID-19 has unleashed. Employees are getting laid off, businesses are temporarily closing their doors, and many of us are working from home. To make things worse, basic food and supplies are already scarce due to relentless panic buying and hoarding.

The government has asked us all to diligently practice social distancing, stay home unless you are absolutely required to, go into 14 days quarantine if you have recently travelled or been in contact with someone whom you know to have the virus, and of course, ramp up your hygiene practices. While this all sounds like being under house arrest, just look at the escalating daily statistics provided daily by the World Health Organization and you would understand why these actions are necessary.

Here are some tips or tools you can use to increase your chances of surviving the COVID-19 pandemic.

6 Tips to Survive the COVID-19 Pandemic

Stock up on essentials and avoid panic buying. Be conscious that there are others in the same situation. When items are running out, simply replenish. Some non-perishable items to keep in stock could be:

– canned peas,

– rice

– flour

– pasta

– sugar

– water

– peanut butter

– canned tuna, salmon, lunch meat, soups

– pet food

Other necessary items:

– toilet paper

– paper towels

– bath soap

– laundry soap

– disinfectants or house cleaners

This list is a sample of what you might need and can be adjusted based on the needs of your family. For the health-conscious, My Healthy Quarantine Shopping List offers some great ideas for your shopping list.


This is a time to reconnect with those closest to you. If you are at home with your family, you can carve out time to watch a movie together, play board games, cook a meal together, or do a family workout to stay active. If you live alone, you can now set up a Netflix Party so you can watch movies remotely with your friends.

Spend quality family time during Covid-19- Photo by Alexander Dummer on Unsplash

Focus on completing projects that you either started and did not have time to finish. This could range from cleaning out a garage, organizing a closet or the kitchen cupboards, perfecting a recipe, writing a book, working on that scrapbook that you started two years ago, honing your artistic skills, or repairing that deck that needs to be done. With all this time on your hands, there is no excuse for procrastinating anymore.


Being at home with your family for almost 24 hours a day can be stressful for your relationships. Whether you live with your spouse or your children or both, communication is key. The financial strain will be a major factor to cause stress particularly as individuals are losing incomes. Talk about your issues in a calm way, do not attack the person, try to find personal space within the home (if possible), find solutions together.

Anxiety is a real issue for many individuals and it can escalate during self-isolation. Again, I cannot stress the importance of speaking to someone so that you do not feel so alone or unable to manage your anxiety. Arash Javanbakht, M.D. addresses this in his article How to Survive Anxiety in the Age of COVID-19 recently published in Psychology Today.

Javanbakht suggests getting informed through valid medical sources. The media is overloaded with all kinds of information that can overwhelm the mind that will lead to anxiety and stress.


The gym may not be an option right now but there are other ways to stay physically active while at home. For those with access to computers and online portals, several gyms and personal trainers are offering free virtual classes to keep you active and motivated. The programs include yoga, aerobics, Zumba, you name it, one of them will resonate with you. Register for your favourite activity and remain healthy.

Keep healthy through exercise
Surviving the Covid-19 Pandemic by staying fit and healthy – Photo courtesy Pixistock

Humans are naturally social beings, and many thrive on routine. The routine of getting up, having the morning coffee and a shower, heading to work, going to the gym, making dinner after work and the list can go on. Physical distancing and being in quarantine make having a normal routine quite difficult. Try to keep as much of your old routine or start a new one. Again, doing something like this will somewhat normalize your day.

The New Normal

The onset of COVID-19 has brought on a new normal for us, a new way of living if even for a short period of time. We can and we will adapt to our new environment and living as man has done for centuries. There will be a time, hopefully soon, when we can return to some level of normalcy, we will celebrate with each other again, and we will resume travel. Today, this is our new normal and we are all in this together. In the meantime, stay safe!

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